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Concealed Weapons (Who should be allowed to carry)

I grew up I’m an environment that was gun neutral. My parents were not pro – or – anti guns. Therefore I never developed strong personal feelings about the issue.
Once I became a Deputy District Attorney several of my colleagues obtained their concealed weapons permit and I contemplated getting one as well. However, after several trips to the gun store I opted not to carry a firearm. Although I was slightly enamored with the sig sauer 45 caliber hand gun. I was often asked by people why I did not carry a firearm as a Deputy District Attorney and many people suggested that I should at least get the permit just in case I ever felt threatened. I ultimately decided that I did not want that responsibility, yet I always respected the rights of others to carry and conceal if permitted.
Earlier this year the 9th Circuit Court of appeals ruled that the San Diego County requirement that required a citizen applying for a concealed weapon permit show “good cause” was an unconstitutional infringement on the 2nd amendment.
Since this court decision many people have asked me my opinion regarding the relatively strict requirements of obtaining such a permit in this county. Honestly I have mixed views. As a former prosecutor and a concerned citizen I have seen the devastation that fire arms in the wrong hands can cause. However,  we do need a reasonable system that allows law abiding citizens to protect themselves if they are threatened and concerned for their safety. So what should be done?

Well I think that the good cause standard should be revised and a system that focuses more on gun safety and mental stability should be established. Most gun crimes do not involve people who have a concealed weapons permit. Therefore let’s focus on evaluating the individual and not arbitrarily denying the permit. Oh and I still do not want to carry a gun.



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