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Year Two

This past year has been quite a learning experience. The world of criminal defense and running my own business has been challenging and rewarding simultaneously. Helping people when they are at a difficult stage in there life has been quite fulfilling. However. I have learned a great deal about myself and the people I have worked vigorously to defend. I learned that some people will lie to you about facts even after you explain the concept of attorney client privilege and how important it is to be honest with your attorney at all times. I learned that the business side of law can be as challenging as the practice of law itself. It is difficult balancing the desire to help people with the financial realities of living in a capitalist society. I further learned that some people will never be satisfied with the results, even after you accomplish more than what they asked for in the initial consultation. I have also watched as people expect the world from me while they are failing to fulfill there financial obligations. But overall the experience has been great. I have been able to help people get back on track with their life and even find new directions and accomplish goals that seem insurmountable when we first met. All in all the first year has been a success, and I look forward to many more years in the service of others.


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